Newcomer Karissa Ella kicked off the summer months with the release of her high-spirited EP Blossom and lead single, “Vacay.” Now, as the weather turns colder, the Ohio native is keeping things hot by premiering an exclusive acoustic performance of the lead track with One Country readers.

The upbeat and fun-loving song has Karissa singing about her idea of a summer vacay. And we could all use one of those as the weather begins to change. 

Vacay Acoustic Video

“Nothing wrong with crushing on a boy while the sky is on fire / Fourth of July in the summer time / dreaming on a blanket in the grass /slowing down the night so I won’t forget  / making road trip memories that won’t fade away yeah/ sun flowing on the dock of the bay yeah / that’s just my memorial, labor day vacay,” she sings in the chorus.

Entertaining crowds since the age of 10, Karissa’s music is inspired by country artists such as  Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood.

After releasing her debut EP in 2018, the newcomer followed it up with Blossom which features six fun carefree tracks, including her two singles “Vacay” and “Me and Luke.”

Blossom is available now. 

Blossom Track Listing: 
1. Vacay (Alex Seier, Karissa Ella)
2. Intoxicating (Alex Seier, Karissa Ella)
3. Me and Luke (Alex Seier, Leslie Satcher, Karissa Ella)
4. Rosé All Day (Alex Seier, Karissa Ella, Maddie Wilson)
5. More Like Her (Caroline Marquard, Karissa Ella)
6. Levi Jeans (Alex Seier, Kalsey Kulyk, Karissa Ella)

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