Yes! I named my EP, “Blossom” after the music venue in my hometown called, Blossom Music Center. It is where I grew up seeing my favorite artists and where I get inspired. Now that I get to create my own music, I felt the need to name my EP after it because I owe a lot to that place for making me want to follow my dreams to be an artist. I believe the first artist I saw there was actually The Jonas Brothers! I was a big “Jo Bro” fan and still am. My dream lineup would be with either Zac Brown BandLuke Combs or Carrie Underwood. Honestly, everyone in this industry inspires me and it would be an honor to share the stage with any of them. I just hope one day I can be up on that stage at Blossom Music Center opening up for my favorite artists.

Choosing the songs for the EP was more difficult than I thought. First we did a rough demo of each song to get the feel of it and to see which songs worked well together or not. It was hard to pick the songs because I loved every song we were choosing from. But we had to set some aside for next time. I am confident we made the right choices for this EP and am excited to see what people think of my new music!

Can you share the backstories and song writers for “Intoxicating”, “Rosé All Day”, “More Like Her”, and “Levi Jeans”?

I wrote “Intoxicating” with Alex Seier and honestly, I had this melody in my head for weeks. Just the chorus part that went, intox-i-cating. And finally I asked Alex to write the song with me so I could get it out of my head! It turned out fun and upbeat so we kept it!

I co-wrote “Rosé All Day” with Alex Seier and Maddie Wilson. We actually wrote this song way before this phrase started blowing up! It is now a common phrase and is a wine brand itself. This song was inspired by the fact that everyone around me is getting married and I am just my living life! Always a bridesmaid never a bride kind of thing!

More Like Her” was written about an Instagram post. I wrote this song with the talented Caroline Marquard and she had seen someone post about how they wish they were still a kid again and how much easier life was. We loved this idea because it was so relatable to the both of us. We both wish we still had that sense of innocence and didn’t sweat the small stuff. I think this song is the most relatable song on my EP and one of my favorites.

I co-wrote “Levi Jeans” with Alex Seier and Kalsey Kulyk and I had this idea of comparing love to faded jeans. I have weird thoughts, right?! No matter how faded or ripped your favorite pair of jeans are, they will always be your favorite because of the memories and history you have with them. Kind of like being in a long-term relationship or being married, you go through a lot together but you still choose each other at the end of the day.

What’s involved in promoting the new release — local radio & venues?

Yes! I have done many radio interviews with local radio stations and others from all over! It has been awesome to hear my songs being played on the radio! It feels like a dream! I am playing Whiskey Jam here in Nashville on August 5th and am hosting an EP Release party at The Local on August 6th! I’ll be playing all my new music and would love to hear what ya’ll think of it so come on out if you are in town.

What do you have planned for your EP Release Party at the Dusty Armadillo next month?

Playing at the Dusty Armadillo is going to be crazy. It will be great to see all my hometown supporters come out and have a blast. We are going to be playing songs from the EP and of course some iconic country covers. We will be seeing merchandise which will include, “Vacay” t-shirts, “Me and Luke” coozies and more!

Radio Disney Country, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music Playlists, Apple Music Playlists, Spotify Playlists — can you describe what it feels like to hear your music getting national exposure?

Being heard on all these platforms has been incredible. When I released my first two singles off the EP, I did not expect anything to happen at all. So needless to say I have been absolutely THRILLED with the results and can only hope it keeps going up from here!

I’ve had “Vacay” and “Me And Luke” on repeat all summer — what’s the best fan story shared with you from someone hearing the songs for the first time?

People love “Vacay” because it is the perfect song to cruise to. Whether you are in the car or on a boat, “Vacay” will keep you in a summer groove! When fans heard “Me and Luke” I started to really notice how powerful Luke Bryan’s Army is. Fans are listening to this song to get them pumped before a Luke Bryan concert and I think that is so cool!

You said “my favorite life lesson given is to surround yourself with people that bring you up in life, not tear you down.” Who are your ‘people’, the ones who have supported you throughout your musical career?

My parents and family are my number one support system. They keep me going and give me the best advice. Also my team of people who I’ve been working with (Scott HeuermanZach Farnum & 117 Entertainment, Alex Seier and more) have really shown that they believe in me and my music which means the world to me.

Asked you before for pre-show ritual — what is your post-show routine?

My post-show routine usually involves getting food and relaxing with my family/friends! Performing can take a toll on you so it’s best for me to decompress after a big show.

What songs are on your summer playlist?

I am currently jamming to “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs, “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton, “Southbound” by Carrie Underwood and Runaway June’s new album!

What is something fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I think fans would be surprised to learn that there is two of me! I am a twin! My sister and I are fraternal twins and we are literally day and night. We are nothing alike, but of course share the sister bond. And yes .. twin telepathy is real!

What do you wish you’d be asked in an interview?

I guess I wish people would ask me more of how I became a songwriter and how I got to where I am today — my roots! But I also want to answer any fun questions fans want to know about me! I want to try and be as transparent as I can with my fans and try to really give them a feel of who I am!

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